July 14th - Indie Rock - Børns, Porches


Børns may hail originally from the lower peninsula of Michigan but his dreamy blend of folk, glam and electro rock sounds like it comes straight from the cosmos. This treehouse dwelling LA transplant will be bringing his angelic voice and dynamic live show across the U.S. this fall. Do not miss a chance to catch this unique, otherworldly talent.


When Aaron Maine looks back on his early work as Porches, he’s often struck by how sad and angry it can feel. “That music turned out a lot more pessimistic than I intended it to be,” he says. “But when I took a sad moment and turned it into a song, it was a cathartic, positive, and clean process. For me, those moments were victories. Feeling better,” he adds, “was making a song.” As it turns out, Maine is very good at making songs.

July 21st - Rock - The Psychedelic Furs, Day Wave

The Psychedelic Furs 

The Psychedelic Furs are an English rock band founded in 1977. Led by singer Richard Butler and his brother Tim Butler on bass guitar, the Psychedelic Furs are one of the many acts spawned from the British post-punk scene. Their music went through several phases, from an initially austere art rock sound, later touching on new wave and hard rock.

Day Wave

From the age of nine until he attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Jackson Phillips was a jazz drummer. Drums were the first and only instrument he played, but while at college, things changed: "I don't know if you've seen Whiplash...it wasn't to that extent, but it was very competitive and people weren't nice to each other. I became more interested in songs." He then learned piano, transitioned into production, and by the age of 21 was creating synth-based songs that were soon released through his first band, Carousel. Now, however, the 25-year-old has shifted away from electronics, taught himself guitar, and left Carousel behind in favor of his new solo project, Day Wave.

July 28th - Reggae - Proteje & The Indiggnation, Raging Fyah

Proteje & The Indiggnation

There is an exciting resurgence of conscious, organic music in Jamaica and industry experts and observers agree that Protoje is playing an important role in what is becoming known as the "Reggae Revival." 

Leading the militant band - The Indiggnation - this powerful songwriter and philosophical thinker articulates the righteous anger of an emerging generation. Protoje reports for duty, re-establishing the standard for the decaying art of socially responsible, mentally stimulating lyricism.

Raging Fyah

Raging Fyah is one of the most talented and dynamic Reggae group to hit the International music scene. Divinely united, five stunning musicians- Anthony Watson, Courtland White, Demar Gayle, Delroy Hamilton and Kumar Bent set out to rekindle a flame of positivity within the music industry.

Though capable in other genres of music most of Raging Fyah songs assume a roots rock reggae feel, heavily influenced by passion, purpose and life experiences when writing lyrics - Raging Fyah members at best ensures that every word touches the soul of each listener, which in a positive way uplifts and motivates people from all socio-economic, Political and cultural background.

August 4th - Latin - Natalia Lafourcade, Monsieur Periné

Natalia Lafourcade

She is an artist with personality, an authority on contemporary music with an unquestionable power of convocation. The public appreciates the simplicity and beauty of her performance even in the most unexpected places. Natalia is recognized worldwide for uniting generations, to make a unique fusion of traditional and contemporary music. She is undoubtedly a worthy representative of the music scene in Mexico.

Monsieur Periné

With a few years in the Colombian music scene, Monsieur Perine has become one of the greatest exponents of the country, managing to turn in festivals around the world. With her debut album Handmade, Monsieur Perine was presented in various countries such as Colombia, Mexico, United States, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, among many others. In 2015, she released her new production which is expected to be accompanied by a show completely renovated. 

August 11th - Dance - Rüfüs Du SolMarc Baker

Rüfüs Du Sol

Rüfüs is an indie dance group from Sydney, Australia, that consists of Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George and James Hunt. Their debut album Atlas peaked at number 1 in Australia.

Marc Baker

Melbourne born and bred Marc Neil Baker is a rising punk performer and artist based in Los Angeles – a move that is proving LA really is the city of dreams if you've got the gall to give it everything you've got. There he works alongside Mark Mothersbaugh, composer and lead singer of the legendary band DEVO as well as steaming up dark venues with his in your face performance style and cut throat lyrics. 

August 18th - Classic - Mavis Staples, The Suffers

Mavis Staples 

Mavis Staples (born July 10, 1939) is an American rhythm and blues and gospel singer, actress, and civil rights activist. She has recorded and performed with her family's band The Staple Singers, and also as a solo artist.

The Suffers

The Suffers are a ten-piece band from Houston, TX who are redefining the sound of Gulf Coast Soul, intertwining elements of Classic American Soul with Rock & Roll. Both sonically and visually arresting, the large ensemble packs each position of the rhythm section and horn section with a level of talent and taste that provides the perfect foundation for singer Kam Franklin’s massive voice. The band’s sincerity and emotion are laid bare in their music, which has garnered an audience so broad and varied that they may prove to be the panacea for a jaded and stratified live music scene. 

August 25th - 90's Alt - Save Ferris, Cibo Matto

Save Ferris

Save Ferris is a ska-punk band formed circa 1995 in Orange County, Southern California. Their name is a reference to the 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The band formed after the dissolution of a number of Southern California bands. With Monique Powell as manager, front person, and co-songwriter, the band began to book shows around Southern California to a great underground response.

Cibo Matta

Whoever thought when “Know Your Chicken” came out in the mid-90s it would make such a mark on the culture? We’re talking about a surrealist pastiche about magenta chickens set to boom-bap breakbeats and muted trumpet, rapped by a pair of grinning Japanese girls so obsessed with eating that they named every song on their first record after food. It doesn’t exactly spell commercial success, especially for a then-unknown avant-pop act from New York City who’s name is Italian for “Crazy Food.”

September 1st - Indie Rock - Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Steady Holiday

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is an American and New Zealand rock band composed of singer, guitarist and songwriter Ruban Nielson, bassist Jake Portrait, keyboardist Quincy McCrary, and drummer Riley Geare. The band was started by Nielson (formerly of The Mint Chicks).

Steady Holiday

Steady Holiday is Los Angeles-based musician Dre Babinski’s coming-out party after a career of playing alongside the likes of fun. and Fitz and the Tantrums. But Under The Influence, Steady Holiday’s terse full-length compels because of the way it holds the listener at a distance. Shrouded in gentle waves of fuzzed-out guitars and glossy string arrangements, Babinski often serves as her own Greek chorus, tracking her voice on songs like the dreamlife fantasia “No Matter” and the bedheaded, regretful “Your Version Of Me” so that it sounds as if she’s commanding a clutch of ghosts in order to accurately depict her melancholia. It makes for a heady experience; even when the drums are crisp and the violins (played by Babinski herself) have a precision to their swoop, much of Under The Influencerecalls whispering breezes and rippling ponds, gentle reminders of tumult held elsewhere.

September 8th - Disco - Ohio Players, Holy Ghost!

Ohio Players

The Ohio Players came into musical prominence in the 1970’s as pioneers of street funk and underground R&B. After signing with Mercury Records in 1974 they landed three consecutive platinum albums “Skin Tight, “Fire”, and “Honey”. Two number one singles on the billboard pop charts “Fire” and “Love Rollercoaster” and five number one R&B singles “Funky Worm”, ”Fire”,”Sweet Sticky Thing”, “Love Rollercoaster,” and “Who’d She Coo”.

Holy Ghost!

Friends since attending elementary school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser were members of Automato, a rap group whose last releases, including a self-titled album released in 2003, were produced by the DFA's James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy. After Automato dissolved, Murphy and Goldsworthy encouraged Frankel and Millhiser to continue pushing toward dance music. Push they did; Frankel and Millhiser co-produced the warm and melodic "Hold On" with the DFA -- settling on the Bar-Kays-referencing Holy Ghost! just prior to the vinyl pressing stage -- and released it on the DFA label in October 2007. In 2011, Holy Ghost! released a self-titled album that included some of their previously released songs, as well as a guest appearance from the Michael McDonald on the closing "Some Children." By that point, Holy Ghost! had also become one of the more prolific remix teams; they had re-worked (in some cases technically covering) tracks by MGMT, Moby, Cut Copy, Phoenix, the Juan Maclean, and Murphy's LCD Soundsystem.

The concert can be viewed from either down on the sand or else up on the pier.

Don't forget to bring a sweater or light jacket. After the sun goes down the temps tend to cool off at the beach.

Bring your beach chairs or towels to sit on.

If you want to be close to the stage, be sure to arrive early so you can pick a choice viewing location.

Food options are available on & adjacent to the pier or you can bring a picnic with you. Alcohol & smoking are prohibited on the beach. Friendly dogs are welcome on the Pier only and must be on a leash.

With the Metro Expo light rail now open, the concerts are likely going to be more crowded than ever before. Avoid the hassle of traffic and parking by taking the Metro Expo light rail or bike/skateboard there (there is a free bike & skateboard valet located on the south side of the pier next to the bike path).

If you need to drive, parking is available in the 1550 Pacific Coast Highway Lot next to the Pier on a first come, first-serve basis. Those wanting to avoid long waits and higher fees should try one of the municipal lots a few blocks inland around 2nd/Colorado or 4th/Olympic. 

Be warned that parking by the beach is expensive! $20 after 4pm! Yikes! But there is a new Carpool Discount. Cars with 4 or more people get a $5 voucher to redeem at the bike valet so pile in.

Did you know...

The SANTA MONICA Pier's FERRIS WHEEL now has a new $1 Million state of the art LIGHTING system. There are 174,000 LED lights on the ferris wheel that display more colors, smoother animation & dynamic motions! Be sure to check out the new light show after it gets dark!

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