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J.D. is one of the most honest and transparent professionals that I have worked with

My wife and I just went through the process of buying a Los Angeles condo, which can be both physically and mentally exhausting.  So it's important to have the right help to guide you through.

We worked with J.D. Songstad and could not be happier.  In fact, we first met him 9 years previous and, though we decided not to purchase at that time, were very impressed with J.D. - so stayed on his distribution list for the entire 9 years until we were finally ready to purchase!

J.D. is highly organized, effective, and offers many resources for buyers - from his personal time, to his website and blog, to many types of buyer information and education.

J.D. also comes with his own network of professionals - from a fantastic mortgage company that we ourselves used, to inspectors, to even designers if you may need after your purchase.  J.D. has been doing this a long time so his connections and knowledge of important services run deep.

J.D. is also the nicest guy you'll ever work with in real estate!
Aside from all of the many great things I can say about J.D. that set him apart from other realtors, there are two main ones that strike me:

    1) One is the level of ethics and honesty he brings to the profession.  I always sensed that people either mistrusted or just always had the wrong real estate guidance.  I can tell you that J.D. is one of the most honest and transparent professionals that I have worked with.  You can trust J.D.!

    2) My wife and I always felt like we were J.D.'s only clients.  Though we purchased a nice condo, I know for sure J.D. deals with much more expensive properties - but yet he was always there for us, at all times of the day, to patiently answer questions and tirelessly keep things moving along the path of our new home purchase.

If you are looking to buy property in Los Angeles, even to just begin to learn about the process and ask questions - J.D. Songstad is the right guy!

J.D. S.

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