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JD is truly an incredible real estate agent. He's detail-oriented, patient, extremely responsive, and really knows his stuff!

My fiancé and I were looking for homes on the Westside and had spent 3 months by ourselves looking at open houses.  We were ready to find an agent to work with us.  After a bumpy experience with an agent who sold my NorCal home (project management was not his strength, and he wasn't detail-oriented at all), I resolved we needed to find a great real estate agent for our home purchase in SoCal.  

We we ended up phone screening 3 agents and also interviewed them in person, each for 1-2 hours.  JD really stood out - from our conversations with him it was clear he knew the area well, was extremely detail-oriented and wasn't bothered at all by our numerous detailed questions, and he made it clear he was responsive and available a lot of the time, including after normal work hours.  That was huge for us as we both work full time so we needed someone who could work with us in the evenings.  

We are so so glad we went with JD.  He was extremely patient and responsive throughout the time we worked with him.  He emailed us listings immediately after we signed the contract with him and we picked out 4-5 homes to check out during open houses on the next Sunday.  Unexpectedly, we fell in love with one right away (after seeing homes for 3 months we knew what we wanted right away).

The next day, Monday, JD was extremely patient as my fiancé and I debated if we wanted to put an offer down and if so, how soon - we were waiting on the sale of the other home to get the funds we needed. He gave us great advice and that we shouldn't be scared to put an offer down if it truly felt like the one, and we might as well try so we have no regrets, even with a contingent offer.  Just a note about contingent offers - it's nearly impossible to get a contingent offer accepted in the current LA home market (we were warned of this by the multiple agents we interviewed when we mentioned we had to wait on a sale to get funds).  That night at 9pm after we had some time to talk through the decision with our families, we made our decision to go ahead.  JD patiently made himself available, and we worked on the contingent offer and got it out right around midnight. (THANK YOU JD FOR BEING SO FLEXIBLE WITH YOUR TIME!!).

JD helped us navigate the offer process really well and even though two other higher offers came in, the seller took ours!  Part of that was thanks to JD's stellar reputation in the housing market here - the listing agent had had a great experience with JD previously and knew he brought good clients who would make the sale as hassle-free as possible.  So, the lesson here is go with a reputable agent that other agents in the area know and will want to work with.  JD is one of those :)

Throughout all steps of the process JD was clear in telling us what we could expect/what was coming next and extremely responsive (typical email response time was immediate to within a few hours).  Would highly recommend JD and we plan to work with him again if we have further LA real estate needs in the future!

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